Thank you for choosing Kinoserver, and congratulations for your purchase. On this page you will find the instructions and links necessary to simply setup your Kinoserver Kube.

Important: As standard for server machines, Kinoservers MUST be connected to an ups device. Failure to comply will invalidate the server's warranty.

   For the recommended UPS models, refer to the Kinoserver support when purchasing.

Step 1 - Download the manager program

Download the Kinoserver Manager Kube software from the following links: Windows - MAC - Linux

Step 2 - Consult the user Manual

Consult the User Manual in PDF format downloadable here: FILE

Step 3 - Enable the music server

To finalize the music management software, simply click on the "Install MinimServer" button on the Kinoserver Manager Kube. After a few seconds the Kinoserver will restart and the software will be enabled.

Installazione MinimServer

Step 4 - Set up Roon

Set up the roon service as presented in the following video:

For any clarification or information write to :