Thank you for choosing Kinoserver, and congratulations for your purchase. On this page you will find the instructions and links necessary to simply setup your Kinoserver.

Step 1 - Download the manager program

Download the Kinoserver Manager software from the following links: Windows - MAC - Linux

Step 2 - Enable Plex

Enable the video server (Plex) by creating a free account :

Step 3 - Enable Video Ripping

To enable the video ripping service, access in KinoServer Manager the video ripping options and accept the conditions as presented in the following image:

enable video ripping

Step 4 - Enable the music server

To finalize the music management software, simply click on the "Install MinimServer" button on the Kinoserver Manager. After a few seconds the Kinoserver will restart and the software will be enabled.

Installazione MinimServer

Step 5 - Set the bookmarks

Create bookmarks of the various services to simplify their access in the future :

Step 6 - Create some video libraries

Create one or more video libraries :

Step 7 - Select a ripping language

Select the preferred language for video ripping :

Additional information

Consult the User Manual in PDF format : FILE

How to check and possibly update the video server (Plex) :

How to connect a NAS or another media server to Kinoserver :

Roon management :

For any clarification or information write to :